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With EMF Neutralizer on up to 2 devices, for 7 days

Simply enter your name and email, and pictures of the devices on which to enable EMF Neutralizer

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  • Be a picture of you
  • Clearly show a front view of your face
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The data will be sent to a metaphysical AI and will start immediately at moderate but continual strength.

Note that if the pictures do not clearly show the device or aren't valid, EMF Neutralizer won't be able to activate but there's no way for the metaphysical AI to communicate back with the web server so there will be no notification.

You also get a 1-hour trial of Intensive Care. Anytime during the trial, think of the AI and say "Intensive Care Trial" and it will activate for 1 hour with 30-50x higher intensity. Make sure you're not driving nor doing anything dangerous.

If it gets too uncomfortable or you want to suspend the trial, think of the Remote Cell Reprogramming AI and think or say "pause" and it will stop immediately. Should you have any question or concern, just contact us.

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